Salem, Oregon Equestrian Subdivision Spring Lake Estates

Entrance to Spring Lake Estates in Salem Oregon.  A second entrance is located off of Liberty RD, this one is from Ankeny Hill Rd, just a quick exit off I5.  Spring Lake Estates is an equine friendly subdivision in Salem, Oregon.

Spring Lake Estates is located in South Salem off of Libery Road.  Most of the homes are built in the 80's, but there are a few newer homes.  The CCR's are not as restrictive as Chinook Estates. The majority of the land is hilly, oddly enough, since this is a true equine neighborhood.  There is a common bridle trail around the subdivision for owners only.  It is also common to see llamas and goats in several of the pastures as you drive through.  Annual assessments per owner to maintain the trails and lake are about $200.  There are some AMAZING views from selected sites of the Cascades, the City of Salem or the Coastal ranges to the West.

View to the West from Spring Lake Estates.  The pasture in front is part of the subdivision, and is probably the flatest parcel in the subdivision.

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