Buying Equestrian Property in the Willamette Valley Oregon

6 Key Efficiency Features To Look For When Purchasing Salem Horse Property

Use these Salem horse property tips to save you time, money and possibly a few headaches down the road.  I understand that everyone’s equine needs vary, but this list will give you features to consider that may work for your Salem equestrian property buying needs.

  1. Access – how user-friendly is the driveway of your Willamette Valley horse property?  Is it currently July when you are looking, when the roads are dry?  What happens after 3 months of rain, does it look like standing water or wash-outs could prevent you from hauling your horse in and out?  Watch the turn-offs into and out of the property as well, making sure there is adequate room to turn with your trailer.  Don’t forget about hay or bedding deliveries too.
  2. Trailer parking – Is there a circular drive or a large enough parking lot to make parking a breeze?  What if your riding partner hauls over to ride with you for the day, is there room for them to get in and unload their horse safely?
  3. Daily use – consider the layout of the barn when viewing various Salem horse properties for sale.  Picture yourself in your daily feeding/care routine right there in the barn.  Is there a water spigot nearby or automatic waterers so that you are not dragging 200 feet of hose from another location?  Is the feed room conveniently located?  Is there a safe place to store pitchforks/wheel barrows so that a loose horse can not get into them, but yet they are nearby when needed?  How about the manure dump?  Is it nearby, or at least accessible by tractor?
  4. Turnouts – where are the gates to each turnout located?  If you can find a set up where the bird’s eye view resembles a wagon wheel (putting the barn in the center, and the turnouts the spokes, with the gates near the barn) you have found a place that has the potential to save you a lot of time when turning out and bringing in your horses.   Don’t worry, this doesn’t make us lazy, just smart.  There will be plenty of opportunity to get exercise when those stalls need to be cleaned!
  5. Light – this may seem silly, but have you ever tried to clean a stall in dim light?  If you can see what you are doing, everything goes faster.
  6. Organized – this may be a feature that you add after you move in.  Taking full advantage of halter hooks, blanket bars, shelving for grooming supplies and feed bins can keep you from having to search for “missing” items.

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