Selling Your Current Home Before You Can Move to the Country in Oregon

Cart Before The Horse in the Willamette Valley Real Estate Market

Do you sell your current home first, hoping that you can find something new around Salem, Oregon that you like before you become homeless?  Or do you buy just the right Willamette Valley horse property and then worry about selling your current home, potentially making two mortgage payments?

Guiding You Down the Salem Real Estate Trail

For most of us, finances will determine the best route to take.

  1. Contact a local lender that is familiar with our Salem, Oregon area real estate market and rural lending.  They will present you with several options, allowing you to decide what is most comfortable for you and your wallet.  They will review both scenarios of buying or selling first from a financial stand point and present those numbers to you.
  2. Contact me, your Salem Equine Real Estate Specialist (I also live here just outside of Salem, Oregon) to discuss the current market value of your home, present you with staging/preparation ideas and to review active listings in your price range.
  3. If the current market value of your home, plus the listings available for you to purchase coinside with the mortgage program offered, you are on your way!  The next step is to get your Salem home ready for market if selling first works in your favor. Or, if buying first is best for you, it is time to start looking at horse properties for sale around Salem!

Understanding Your Salem Real Estate Options

Keep in mind that if you sell first, you will have more negotiating power than if you would when making a contingent offer.  You may also save yourself the disappointment of finding your dream property, making a contingent offer and getting bumped by another buyer that doesn't need to sell before buying.  If you are ready to start exploring your options, let me know.

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