Septic Systems in the Willamette Valley of Oregon

What do I need to know about having horses and septic systems

Ok, living in the country of Oregon does get you out of paying city water and sewer bills, but you still have maintenance and repair expenses for these systems.  Maintenance will always save you money and frustration from breakdowns or malfunctions (which never happen at a convenient time, right?).

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Hooves and Salem Horse Property Septic Tanks Don't Mix!

When you own horses, it is imparative that your turnouts, pastures, arenas, round pens barns etc are NOT located on your septic tank, drainfield or any other part of your septic system.  Having a 1,000-1,400 pound hooved animal run across the surface of your drainfield will quickly stop the leech lines from working, which will can back up the sewer into your Salem home, and create a huge repair bill for you.  Driving or parking over septic tanks can damage/crush the tank or pipes.  When you find the right Salem horse property for you, check with the local county building department for a site map, showing the location of the house, septic, well, drainfield and alternate drainfield placement.  Then note where the drive way is, do you have to drive over the tank to access your property?  If you plan to build a barn or put up pasture fencing, is the septic in the way? Recommendations vary on how often tanks should be pumped; every 3-5 years seems to be the most agreed-upon answer.  Opinions also vary on whether or not you should have/operate a garbage disposal when connected to a septic system.

Buying Salem Horse Property? Get Pumped and Tested!

When purchasing Willamette Valley rural property, it is not required, but STRONGLY advised that you have the septic system pumped and inspected.  Since this system is usually completly underground, you don't even know if it is there!  Be sure to read this handy guide from the EPA regarding septic systems.

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