Domestic Wells in the Willamette Valley, Oregon

How do I protect my domestic well when I own horses?

Choosing to live in the beautiful countryside of Salem, Oregon will most likely mean that your domestic water supply will come from a well, either private or shared.

Maintaining Clean Water on Your Salem Horse Property

When you have horses living at your Salem, OR home, there are a few points to be aware of the protect your well, water purity and your checkbook!  For starters, you want to make sure your well is at least 100 feet away from any septic system (yours or your neighbors), 50 feet from the house and at least 50 feet away from livestock.  Unfiltered contaminents can leak into from your septic or livestock pastures and quickly contaminate your drinking supply, I don't think anyone wants this.  Also watch how deep the well is, minimum standards are 100 feet.  To read specifics on the state regulations, refer to the website for the Water Resource Department.

Don't Just Go With the Flow - Testing Water on Salem Real Estate

Having a well tested for coliform, nitrates and now arsenic are required in Oregon when property is sold.  The seller is required to provide this "purity" test to the buyer, but it is up to the buyer to verify the quantity.  Most sellers will provide the flow test if you have negotiated it into the sales contract.

How Much Water is Enough for Your Salem Horse Property?

Just how much water do you need?  Well, that depends on several factors, including the # of bathrooms in your house, the # of occupants, how many animals you have, etc.  A guide printed several years ago by Oregon State University Extension shows the average gallons per minute (gpm) used to do various household activities can be used as a reference.

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